Known for his huge, soulful sound on the keys, Jonny has excelled in a variety of collaborations across all genres.

(recording at the Warehouse Studios in 2018)

While groove-based music is his primary focus, Jonny is known for his ability to transcend genres. He has a knack for crafting his playing to cater to a wide variety of different styles, and this has resulted in session work with a diverse pool of talent. Jonny has performed with hip-hop artists, R&B/soul singers, instrumental jazz groups, pop singer-songwriters, country artists, reggae bands, and Latin bands. He has worked with acclaimed artists including multiple Grammy-winning R&B/gospel vocal group The Hamiltones. In 2018 and 2019, Jonny toured China with R&B/pop vocalist ZiZi (子子). Through 2019 and 2020, Jonny has been a part of David Ward’s Propeller series, which has united Ward and his band with a collection of talented artists from all over the world including Daru Jones, Swatkins, JC Maillard, and Brandon Coleman.

Aside from live performance, Jonny has been a valuable studio player and writer, contributing keyboards/synths, beats, production, and song ideas to projects from many artists including rising hip-hop luminary D. Smoke, Johnny Burgos, EyeLoveBrandon, Janette King, Makadi, Poe, Jordon Veira, BrandonLee Cierley, Potatohead People, Austyn King, Siobhan Walsh, Scott Verbeek, Katherine Penfold, Sarah Kang, Trian Kayhatu, Teon Gibbs, Amber Bayani, Chill Winston, Malikai Motion, Jerrica Santos, and Taylor-Rae.

His collaborations with Warren Dean Flandez on the album “Speak” received multiple GMA Covenant awards and a Juno nomination. In 2020 Jonny’s co-production work on the acclaimed debut D. Smoke album “Black Habits” garnered a GRAMMY nomination.

Here is a selection of some of the many tracks that Jonny has produced, mixed, composed, or performed on: